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Love Purity Organic Facial Serum – 30ml

Facial serums are the perfect way to naturally hydrate and balance the skin. Our Rather Lovely Love Purity Organic Facial Serum is pure rosehip seed oil with a natural vitamin E preservative. Rosehip seed oil balances out skin tone and is perfect for all skin types, even those affected by rosacea, eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis.


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Contains absolutely no added chemicals, artificial preservatives or fragrances, just the following totally natural INGREDIENTS: Rosa Canina (rosehip) seed oil, Vitamin E* (tocopherol)

Made with certified organic ingredients unless indicated*.

How to use

Spray into palm of hand then apply sparingly with fingertips as a daily moisturiser. Allow 5 minutes before applying makeup.


This organic facial serum is pure rosehip seed oil (with a natural vitamin E preservative). It naturally balances out skin tone so is particularly useful for those suffering from rosacea.

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