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Love Floral Organic Skin Tonic

Skin tonics are the perfect way to naturally refresh and balance the skin. Our Love Floral Organic Skin Tonic is pure rosewater hydrolat and suitable for all skin types. It is effective for refreshing and hydrating dry, sensitive and mature skin and can be used to minimise the discomfort of insect bites and stings.


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100% organic rosewater (Rosa Damascena)

How to use

An organic toner which can be used at any time to refresh and naturally hydrate the skin. Perfect to use alongside our Love Purity Facial Cleanser. Cleanse first then tone. Also suitable for soothing insect bites and stings.


A refreshing tonic to soothe and hysdrate the skin. Suitable for all skin types especially dry, sensitive and mature.

1 review for Love Floral Organic Skin Tonic

  • This floral tonic is so nice and gentle ❤️. I have chosen it with a spray top so I can mist it onto my face. I love the scent of rose. Next time I will buy the Big size

    • I wonder if you have read my blogpost Keeping it Simple (posted 31.8.16)? It gives some more uses for the Love Floral Skin Tonic. It’s such a versatile product. Pure rosewater is often considered old fashioned but it is one the best value and most effective skin products around, and as you say, the scent is divine.

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