Soaping After the Storm 13th September 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Organic, Skincare – Tags: ,

Rather Lovely Water ButtThere are 8 water butts in the Rather Lovely garden and after last night’s high winds and heavy rain they are all full to the brim. They range from bulk standard butts (3), to plastic dustbins (3), a recycled orange juice bulk container and the prettiest one of all, an old galvanised trough (pictured left).

I always try to make soap the day after a good down pour. This ensures the rainwater I use is as clean and fresh as possible and I only take it from the covered butts which keep out insects and don’t allow algae to grow on the surface. The other option is to use distilled water but I don’t see the point when pure, skin-softening rain water is available free of charge with no packaging.

I have been making organic, cold process soap for years. It is the only type of soap you should use. It is kind on the skin (even, or I should probably say, especially, on sensitive skin affected by eczema, psoriasis, rosacea or dermatitis), very economical in use and also kind to the environment. What’s not to like?

When I started Rather Lovely I outsourced the soap production for supply in larger batches than I am able to make here at RL HQ. Customers noticed even though the formulas remained the same. When larger batches are made it is harder to evenly distribute the natural colourings and botanicals through the bars and more recently I have moved production back in-house. Alkanet root, turmeric, pink and green clay and cinnamon and cacao powder provide the splash of colour I like to see in the bars and each of these natural colourants has its own skin benefits. There is another reason too, which is very simply that I love making soap. It’s a truly magical process and although space and time consuming, it never loses it’s appeal – except for the washing up after (any volunteers?).

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