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Bees on lavender

Bees feeding on the white lavender in the Rather Lovely garden

It’s fascinating watching bees in the garden, constantly busy in their own rather lovely slow way, getting lots done but with seemingly little effort. Without them the world would cease to exist so we all need to do our bit to preserve their habitats and to look after the plants they feed on.

Lavender is one of those plants and of all the essential oils, lavender is the one that everyone should have in their natural first aid kit. There are so many uses for lavender oil that it’s difficult to know where to start but we’ve picked our summer top 5.

One – Relax and get like the bees
Lavender can help reduce stress in many ways as inhaling its scent directly affects the amygdala gland (the emotional warehouse) in the brain and helps to calm the mind. A calmer mind leads to better sleep, reduced anxiety levels and the ability to achieve more when doing less.

Two – Ease insect bites and bee stings
A single drop of essential oil applied directly to a bee sting or insect bite will reduce pain and swelling and promote healing.

Three – Help with Hay Fever
A few drops of lavender oil inhaled from a tissue can help relax hay fever sufferers and ease their sneezing.

Four – Repel the Bugs
Gnats and mosquitoes dislike the scent of lavender so dabbing some oil on wrists and ankles will help keep them at bay. It smells so much better that insect repellant and has none of the harmful effects.

Five – Ease the Burn
Minor burns and sunburn respond brilliantly to lavender oil. Mix it with a vegetable oil such as olive or coconut and apply frequently to the affected area. Burns continue to develop for 24 hours so continuing treatment for this time is a must.

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