Slow Summer Bathing 15th June 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Skincare

Rather Lovely Love Lavender Bath Salts

Rather Lovely Love Lavender Bath Salts

With our June focus on taking life at a slower, more leisurely pace, now is a good time to explore the benefits of salt water baths and our favourite June herb, lavender.

Whilst lavender is our favourite herb of the month, strawberries are our favourite fruit. Planting them together in the same bed is said to improve the strawberry yield and increase resistance to pests and diseases. In the Rather Lovely garden we have 3 strawberry patches – one is an underplanting in the blueberry containers with lavender plants nearby (very productive and looking healthy), the second is in old wine boxes where the plants are closer to the ground and here we appear to be sacrificing all the fruits to the slugs (oh well, a balanced eco-system is very important after all, and a little sacrifice is a rather lovely thing!), and thirdly in a raised trug as a combination of Mara des Bois, a unique plant which combines modern vigour with the intense aromatic flavours of woodland and alpine varieties, and pineberries – white strawberry fruits with the flavour of pineapple – sounds weird but taste divine.

Not only do lavender and strawberries combine well in the garden they are also a good culinary combination frequently partnered in desserts and jam. A few chopped strawberries and a sprig of lavender flowers infused in some mineral water and chilled in the fridge make a refreshing summer drink, perfect for warm weekday evenings when you’d like a glass of wine but know you would feel more virtuous if you abstained.

Although an evening bath is often enjoyed during the winter months as a cosy way to warm and relax the body, we shouldn’t rule them out in the summertime. Sea salt mineral baths have been used for centuries to promote relaxation, reduce stress, enhance circulation, increase detoxification, improve skin integrity and decrease inflammation. On a summer’s evening a soak in a Rather Lovely Love Lavender bath before relaxing in the garden with friends or even a good book will help keep the bugs at bay and give you that fresh, chilled out feeling that summer should be all about. Applying some Rather Lovely Love Lavender Body Lotion to moisturise the skin after bathing will further enhance the effect.

And getting back to the strawberries, last year we posted some rather lovely afternoon tea ideas and recipes on our blog. Check out this delicious cake and replace the violas with lavender flowers to ring the changes.