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Sustainability and the environment are really important to us and we love to use recyclable packaging wherever possible. Our soap packaging is fully biodegradable and our bath salts come in glass with a natural cork top. Serums, balms, our cleanser and skin tonics are packaged in amber glass which naturally protects the high quality hydrolats, vegetable oils and essential oils that we use. We also offer closure options on some products for environmental sustainability reasons. Lotion pump tops and mister sprays are supplied to ensure good dispensing and minimising spillage but they do not need replacing every time you buy a product. If they remain in good working order then the same product with a recyclable aluminium screw top can be purchased instead.

Our hand creams and body lotions, being made with natural ingredients including water, need extra TLC to ensure that we don’t have to add harsh chemicals to preserve them. Instead, to keep them fresh and give them a good, long shelf life, we package them in airless tubes which are made from polypropylene (PP) and aluminium. PP is recyclable in normal household plastics collections and the aluminium lids and bases are recyclable with household tins. You will need to separate these components though and as such our airless tubes are not stamped with a recycling symbol.

Our candles come in recycled glass containers and our reed diffusers are glass with natural, biodegradable rattan reeds.