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Our Ingredients

Rather Lovely Herbs

We are committed to all things natural and our skincare products contain only high quality vegetable oils, active botanicals, and pure essential oils. We use only organic ingredients wherever possible. We do not use parabens, petrochemicals, artificial fragrances or colours. Some products may contain beeswax but you will see this in our full ingredients listings. No animal testing is performed using our products or on any of the ingredients our products contain.

Home fragrancing is more popular now than ever but is mostly in the form of artificial, man-made fragrances which do not come without health risks. Chemically-made fragrances have been proven to release toxins into the environment, exacerbate respiratory problems and adversely affect moods. Our Rather Lovely candles and reed diffusers are completely natural and subtly scented with only pure essential oils. They are vegetable-based and petrochemical free, emit no toxins and fragrance your home naturally and effectively. Why burn candles or use reed diffusers which aren’t beneficial to your health when you can choose the Rather Lovely option?

There is one more thing you should know about Rather Lovely which sets us apart from other natural skincare companies. We carefully formulate our products using a minimal amount of high quality, pure, natural ingredients. Our ‘less is more’ approach follows homeopathic principles as we believe that the fewer ingredients (even natural ones) that the skin has to process the more effective they can be.