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F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions

We believe in nature and the health-giving properties of plants so we choose essential oils (organic wherever possible) over synthetic fragrance oils. They give a more subtle but fresh scent and can be ‘layered’ in both skincare and home fragrancing. For example, you may like to use Love Citrus Body Lotion and Love Lavender Hand Cream and these will complement each other and build up harmonious layers. The same applies to fragrancing your home. The subtle scents of the essential oils in the candles and reed diffusers can be used in different rooms to create an overall blend throughout your home.

It is true that any product can be labelled as natural or organic with only a tiny percentage of those ingredients contained in the formulation. A way to prove the amount of organic or natural ingredients in a product is to register with The Soil Association or the new European body, COSMOS. At this stage we choose not to do this because of the costs which then have to be passed on to the customer. We are however committed to natural and organic (where available) ingredients throughout our range. We believe they are better for you and for the environment. We give a full ingredient listing for our skincare products with a clear indication of status.

Commercial bar soaps, liquid soaps and antibacterial hand washes can be very drying to the skin. Cold-processed natural soaps however are different. Natural, moisturising glycerine is produced as these soaps go through their curing stage. On top of this, Rather Lovely only uses pure, organic vegetable fats in their soaps which also enhance the moisturising effect. Proper and frequent hand washing with a natural soap is one of the best ways to kill off harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our natural cold-processed soaps are handmade and cure for a minimum one month period. This results in a long lasting bar that doesn’t crack or go soft in use, with a beautiful natural lather. You can use the bar right to the end with no waste. Simply wet a new bar and scratch away at its surface with your fingernail. Place the last slither from your old bar on top of the new and leave for a few hours. The two surface will stick together and hey presto, no waste whatsoever.

At the end of checkout you will find an option to send the order to a different address and below this is a box you can fill in with your message. We will hand write a card for you at no extra charge.