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Soaping After the Storm

There are 8 water butts in the Rather Lovely garden and after last night’s high winds and heavy rain they are all full to the brim. They range from bulk standard butts (3), to plastic dustbins (3), a recycled orange juice bulk container and the prettiest one of all, an old galvanised trough (pictured left). I always try to make soap the day after a good down pour. This ensures the rainwater I use is…

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Rather Lovely Love Trees Organic Skin Tonic

Summer Soother

High quality witch hazel can be hard to come by these days but the Rather Lovely range includes Love Trees Organic Skin Tonic which is as pure a witch hazel as you can get. It is excellent as a toner for skin affected by acne and can also really help reduce pain, and decrease the itching and swelling that often comes with bug bites, including those from mosquitos. Additionally, witch hazel can help speed up the healing process.…

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Slow Summer

It’s fascinating watching bees in the garden, constantly busy in their own rather lovely slow way, getting lots done but with seemingly little effort. Without them the world would cease to exist so we all need to do our bit to preserve their habitats and to look after the plants they feed on. Lavender is one of those plants and of all the essential oils, lavender is the one that everyone should have in their natural first aid kit. There are so…

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Never underestimate a pure botanical

  With summer just around the corner here are 5 traditional ways to use our pure rosewater, Love Floral Organic Skin Tonic, and give your skin, mind and hair a natural treat. Rosewater helps to maintain your skin’s pH balance so spritz with it every time your skin needs a cooling pick-me-up. The nourishing and moisturising properties of rose water enhance the quality of hair. Spritz with it or use it as a final rinse…

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Botanical Pick-Me-Up

We have two green roofs at Rather Lovely HQ both of which are looking a bit dull right now due to the lack of rain. The one plant in each that is doing well is the trailing rosemary. We use rosemary essential oil in our herbal blends both for the skin and for home fragrancing. It smells absolutely divine but that isn’t it’s only asset. Rosemary is a wonderful botanical pick-me-up. In our bath salts it…

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Ne’er cast a clout till May be out

I’ve spent time today making up a new batch of Love Summer Organic Facial Serum. It’s a fairly therapeutic task because I absolutely love doing anything which involves essential oils and their beautiful aromas lingering in the house for hours afterwards. The little bottles are now lined up on the stockroom shelves looking super-cute and ready to go. My dad had a variety of sayings (most of which make more sense now than they did when I…

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Keeping focussed

It’s been a while since the last blog post, sorry! Keeping up with newsletters, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for both retail customers and our Partners is proving a bit challenging mentally and I have to admit to losing focus in several areas. Post-Easter I promise to get back on track and in the meantime thought a reminder of what our Rather Lovely focus is would be a useful Easter tea or coffee-time read. So, sit…

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Beautiful Lips the Natural Way

If you suffer from cold sores or dry and cracked lips during the winter then we have a Rather Lovely answer. Our Love Purity 100% organic lipsalve is suitable for everyone. No petroleum, no fragrances just pure ingredients that moisturise intensely and allow lips to heal naturally. We absorb everything we put onto our lips so if we care about our health then it’s really important to make sure that what we use to moisturise…

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A change for the season

A Change for the Season

You don’t wear the same clothes all year round so why would you use the same skincare products across the different seasons? If you’re interested in a radiant-looking complexion throughout the year then read on. As we head into autumn and generally spend less time in the open air, the drier environment begins to take its toll on the skin, and to maintain a healthy complexion we need to find ways to redress the balance.…

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Rosa Damascena

Rosewater – Keeping it Simple

If you were told there was one product that was versatile, proven over hundreds of years to be beneficial to your skin and to the environment, good value for money and a delight to use, would you buy it? As consumers we’re a fickle lot and, it would seem, easily led. We don’t question marketing claims and we are all too eager for the newest and latest (and supposedly best) products that hit the shelves.…

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