Botanical Pick-Me-Up 27th April 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Natural Home Fragrancing, Organic, Skincare

botanical pick me up

We have two green roofs at Rather Lovely HQ both of which are looking a bit dull right now due to the lack of rain. The one plant in each that is doing well is the trailing rosemary. We use rosemary essential oil in our herbal blends both for the skin and for home fragrancing. It smells absolutely divine but that isn’t it’s only asset. Rosemary is a wonderful botanical pick-me-up. In our bath salts it helps to ease sore, tired muscles and reinvigorate the whole body (it is a good, gentle liver detoxifier too) and in our organic hand cream and soaps it is antibacterial, so perfect for gardeners. As a fragrance in our Love Herbs organic candles it freshens the air, helps remove cooking smells in the kitchen and is a natural memory aid – perfect for exam season. Rosemary is stimulating so you may not want to use it late at night but we’re talking pick-me-ups here and rosemary is one of the best.