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Vegetarian or vegetable eater – what’s in a name?

It’s National Vegetarian Week and the weather has certainly obliged – warmth, sunshine and rain have ensured that the vegetable patch at Rather Lovely HQ is coming on a treat. If you are a vegetarian then good on you, I am too, but as a homeopath I know that not everyone thrives on a mainly vegetable diet and not every vegetarian eats lots of vegetables. So what’s in a name? Well quite a lot of confusion as it…

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Sundays are for… contemplating the flowers

At Rather Lovely we find our inspiration through nature and Sundays are our day for reflecting on the week just past and looking forward to the week ahead. Today we can look forward to receiving photos for the new products we will be launching over the next few weeks, like our Love Summer Facial Serum, the perfect light oil for summer skincare; and look back on warm, sunny evenings spent planting veg in our kitchen…

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Rather Lovely Love Lavender Bath Salts

Sundays are for… soaking up the sunshine

… but if you’ve overdone it today then make sure you have some of our Love Lavender bath salts to hand for the next time you’re tempted to spend a wee bit too long in the sun. Natural sea salt has anti-inflammatory properties and helps take away the soreness and itch of sunburned skin while essential oil of lavender is well known for its role in treating burns. Enjoy a Rather Lovely Love Lavender bath for the perfect, relaxing…

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Revival 5 – continuing our campaign to bring back Sunday afternoon tea

I made this cake recently for dessert at a healthTALKS event I was running and it went down a storm. As the recipe was widely requested I thought I’d add it to our Revival campaign for proper Sunday afternoon tea. Now I’m as partial as the next person to cakes made with coconut flour and coconut sugar for their health benefits but let’s be honest here, sometimes they just don’t taste like cake as we know…

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Revival 4 – picnic indoors

A good old fashioned afternoon tea is a rather lovely thing and each month we are bringing you a new recipe to revive the tradition. For April we have a wonderful, moist and truly delicious Parsnip Cake. So forget the April showers, roll out the gingham table cloth, set up your picnic indoors and make like summer’s here already. To make the Parsnip Cake: Line a medium sized round or square baking tin with parchment…

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Feed your face!

Spring is a great time to detoxify and get your skin in fine fettle for summer. Any of the brassica family can help you here as all are rich in sulphur compounds which aid detoxification and boost immunity naturally. Specifically for the skin, sulphur compounds are antiseptic and can help fight acne and skin infections, and they are essential for making the keratin required by us all for healthy skin, nails and hair. So what are you waiting…

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The garden in Springtime, Love Herbal hand cream

The garden in Springtime

Here at Rather Lovely HQ we’re busy sowing seeds, potting on plug plants and generally getting the veg garden spruced up for Spring and ready for a productive summer. Lots of lovely April showers mean that extra watering isn’t required, so when hands are washed free of soil and finger nails are scrubbed clean it’s time to reward them with some Rather Lovely Organic Hand Cream. It’s handmade in England and the perfect gift for gardeners.…

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A Little Yoga is a wonderful thing

The Little Yoga Company offers weekend yoga retreats at the beautiful Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire and day retreats at various locations across the North York Moors. With top class teachers from around the world, their ethos of natural food and stress-free living are right up our leafy lane. Yoga is a great way to tone the muscles, detoxify the body and give the skin a wonderful healthy glow. Participants at their March retreat will be welcomed with a…

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Revival 3 – life’s too short for popping quinoa

The March cake recipe in honour of reviving Sunday afternoon tea is being posted early with Mother’s Day falling at the beginning of the month. This will give you time to get the ingredients and maybe even practice for Mother’s Day and reproduce for Easter. It’s important I think for a Mother’s Day cake recipe to be easy enough for children (and Dad’s!) to make. That doesn’t mean it can’t pack a punch with added…

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It’s ok to cheat

  The scented narcissi in my garden are in bloom and the smell when walking past is divine, they will be followed by scented tulips which have a rather more subtle aroma. I’m not picking them though as they were planted only a year ago and need time to establish and create beautiful, prolific clumps in the years to come. That means that to get Spring colour indoors I have to resort to buying bunches…

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