Atishoo – natural ideas for when hay fever strikes 11th May 2017 – Posted in: Lifestyle, Natural Home Fragrancing, Skincare

Hurrah, today is warm…finally. We’ve had a bitterly cold wind in the east of England for what seems like ages but it has dropped at last and now what we desperately need is some rain. The BBC weather pollen forecast has been stuck at moderate for weeks and hay fever for many sufferers has thankfully not yet set in. In the Rather Lovely garden I grow as many scented plants as I possibly can. They flower and release their aromas at different times which creates a ‘layering’ effect and prevents the overall perfume from becoming too intense – as we all know, you can have too much of a good thing! For hay fever sufferers however a scented garden can be problematic and a google search on the subject will offer up plenty of good advice on which plants to chose and which to avoid to help minimise suffering.

Luckily though when indoors things can be different. Pure essential oils, rather than exacerbating hay fever symptoms have traditionally be used to help reduce them although a bit of trial and error may be required to find the oils which best suit you. Lavender, rosemary, thyme and peppermint essential oils are all said to be beneficial whilst fragrance oils are known to trigger allergy symptoms, so watch out for them. Fragrance oils are chemically produced aromas used in many products and it can be hard simply from reading a label to determine which is which. You can rest assured however that all the Rather Lovely products contain only the best quality essential oils.

Burning an essential oil candle or using an essential oil reed diffuser can naturally scent the home of allergy sufferers and the candles can also be used in the garden to ward off biting insects – a useful strategy for hay fever sufferers who often react badly to bites and stings.

For personal care, our Rather Lovely Love Lavender organic hand cream, body lotion and soap and the natural bath salts can be a real bonus at this time of year. A warm bath can help remove pollen from the skin and relax muscles tensed from constant sneezing. Of course if lavender isn’t your thing then you can try any one of our fragrances. Love Purity is the unfragranced part of our range for those who are even sensitive to essential oils. Natural aromas are so evocative in our daily lives it is a shame to have to miss out and with careful choices hay fever sufferers and those with multiple allergies can find a way to use the power of plant scents to their benefit either in skincare, home fragrancing or both.